IYCB standards are designed to maintain the best quality teaching; as pure and authentic as the word yoga. We ensure all our Instructors, Teachers and Examiners are highly sensitive and aware of authenticity, quality and purity with regards the services they offer. We follow the mantra “work is worship” and our mission is all about delivering excellence in yoga.

Yoga is a vast topic and it takes discipline and dedication to achieve the best from our practice. In our society, not every individual is motivated enough or has the resources to learn properly, hence we intend to provide this for you.

In today’s times Yoga has become fashionable and is sometimes sadly adulterated into just a fitness routine. IYCB ‘s intention is to share ‘real yoga’ in its traditional, authentic form, retaining its original value as part of India’s rich heritage.

It is the aim of the IYCB program to keep the real essence of Yoga alive. We ensure that every member of our organization teaches real, authentic Yoga with purpose.

As we know, yoga is beneficial to one and all. We hope to reach every household all over the world to improve mental and physical health with 99% less cost than any other organisation.

We want people from all walks of life to have access to excellent mental and physical health through Yoga and when needed, by our Yoga professional services.